When using FUGI products, plant pathogens will be treated safely and optimally. The product will get effects quickly and protect the safety of plants for a long time.

Treatment plant pests with INSEC, plants will be completely protected from the attack of insects. INSEC is synthesized from organic microbial ingredients that are good for crops and safe for the planting environment.

NEMA is produced from safe sources of microorganisms to treat exogenous and endogenous nematodes that attack plant roots. Prevents the growth of nematodes in the soil. In addition, the system root will also be protected and grow healthy.

Treatment and cleaning of algae on plants and disinfection, wiping out parasitic fungi on plants. Besides, NANO can also be used to clean gardens and soil before or after harvesting.

NUTRI supplements nutrition organic, inorganic, and useful microbial sources for plants. From that supportive effects on plant growth and prevention of diseases related to the roots.

ROOT is one of the products to support farmers in the early stages of cultivation. It will stimulate rooting healthy and sprouting by supplementing microorganisms and organic substances in the soil

SUPO is a group of products that support agricultural production like pH balance, alum lowering, and desalination. Provide products to support the composting process to fertilize plants.
For rice, SUPO will treat the weed rice, wild rice, and straw to get maximum yield to farmers.

TRICHODERMA will provide more than 1000 billion microbial, and organic to the soil, support pH balance, and help plants absorb nutrients to grow best. In addition, farmers can also use TRICHODERMA products to spread the roots or spray fresh for arable land.

ORGANIC FERTILIZER is a group of microbial organic fertilizers for plants. One of them is nutritional products to raise fruit, divide flower sprouts, and stimulate the growth of fruit to become quality, etc.