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The mission of AQ Group  is producing and distributing biological products to support farmers, our factories are placed in agricultural cities such as:

  • The North Factory: Biological Experiment Area, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province.
  • Central Factory: Lot 12, Phu Viet Industrial Cluster, Viet Tien Ward, Thach Ha District, Ha Tinh Province.
  • The South Factory: C1, Lien Hung Industrial Cluster, Binh Tien Hamlet, Duc Hoa Ha Ward, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

AQ Group’s factories are equipped with much-advanced technology equipment for mass production. The production process will be carefully monitored by agricultural engineers. After production, these biological products will be a quality inspection before being delivered to farmers.


Besides the production and distribution of biological products for farmers, AQ Group also participates in volunteer activities in some countryside in Vietnam. Especially community-oriented activities, and difficult children. Here are some activities that AQ Group has participated in:

The charity activity “Warm up for you” was held at Phieng Pan Primary School on December 24, 2022.

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About Staff

From the successes of AQ Group, we do not forget to mention our existing human resources. We have nearly 200 employees from the leadership level to the staff, they always strive in each area of expertise.

About the staff of AQ Group, we always use resources and engineers from universities specializing in the fields of agriculture and biology. The scale and organizational chart of AQ Group is divided into many different departments:

  • Finance Department: including Accounting, Investment & Import-Export departments.
  • Administration Department: includes Legal and Human Resources departments.
  • Research Department: including the Microbiology Department and AQBio group
  • Production Department: including factories in the North – Central – South provinces.
  • Sales Department: including Sales and Marketing Department.

When working at AQ Group, we always create activities to connect employees, creating a united team. Teambuilding, tourism, and Year End Party events are held monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Thus, with a strong collective of AQ Group, we always try non-stop to build an increasingly successful AQ Group. In addition, there are efforts to get biological products to farmers.