so do to chuc cong ty
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tam nhin


To become Vietnam’s leading group in manufacturing biological, and microbial products for agricultural production and enhancing the value of farm products. Providing quality, trustworthy products combined with innovative solutions in science and technology nationally and reaching out to the world within a closed chain system of Research – Production – Business – Import and Export trade.


Bringing a clean, safe and quality farm products for everyone

With the desire to research, develop and produce high-quality, safe, and sustainable fertilizers and plant protection products.

nong san chat luong

To create Vietnamese farm quality and safe products, improve value, and bring it to the world.


phat trien nong nghiep


We understand that agriculture is important in food security as well as Vietnamese life. Therefore, agricultural production is getting more and more attention and development strongly.

nong san sach

We seriously put safety and efficiency as our top priority, so we always strive constantly to improve product quality and value chains to serve consumers.


nghien cuu

We believe that to improve the value of products and the quality of farmers’ life we need to improve the quality of input materials through research, selection, and evaluation process carefully based on science and technology background strongly with a team of experts and scientists accompanying by the production process to create products.


ung dung cong nghe

We consider innovation, creativity and application of scientific and technical progress as the guideline for all activities.


ve con nguoi

We offer a fair, active, professional working environment and always encourage creativity to ensure a full and prosperous life for employees and their families.


loi ich

We pursue sustainable development, and harmony in relationships and bring maximum benefits to all stakeholders.