The top biological and microorganism products are produced by the AQBio group help to decimate fungi, bacteria, viruses, insects, and nematodes that harmful to crops. We have outstanding biological product groups following:

  • Prevention of plant disease by biological method
  • Control of epidemic disease by biological method
  • Prevention of nematodes
  • NANO biology, chemistry
  • Organic, biological nutrition
  • Rooting stimulus, root protection, soil improvement
  • Agricultural support
  • Agricultural by-products treatment, spraying water
  • Microorganic fertilizer

With the development of biotechnology, AQ Group focuses on research and development of agricultural supporting products which are technologies:

  • Microbial Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Practical Research Project

Non-stop here, AQ group also ever invests incessantly to improve the quality activity of each department. In the past years, we built and invested in factors following:

  • Factory
  • Charity
  • Human resources

AQ group owns big and small companies inland areas and foreign. Including:

  • Ecom.
  • AQ Bice.
  • G2B.
  • VFT Group.
  • VN Farm.
  • KingBio.
  • Bzone.
  • ATW BioTech

AQ Group is one of the pioneering agricultural corporations in Vietnam. With our probiotics and micro-organisms, the problem of crop cultivation will be optimized for farmers best.

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Detailed information about the product groups of AQ BIO GROUP

Prevention of plant disease by biological method

When using FUGI products, plant pathogens will be treated safely and optimally. The product will get effects quickly and protect the safety of plants for a long time.

Control of epidemic disease by biological method

Treatment plant pests with INSEC, plants will be completely protected from the attack of insects. INSEC is synthesized from organic microbial ingredients that are good for crops and safe for the planting environment.

Prevention of nematodes

NEMA is produced from safe sources of microorganisms to treat exogenous and endogenous nematodes that attack plant roots. Prevents the growth of nematodes in the soil. In addition, the system root will also be protected and grow healthy.

NANO biology, chemistry

Treatment and cleaning of algae on plants and disinfection, wiping out parasitic fungi on plants. Besides, NANO can also be used to clean gardens and soil before or after harvesting.